Professionalism and innovation

Pedersen Read is a specialist consulting engineering company providing electrical, communications, and security solutions for large scale public and private projects. The safe, cost effective, efficient, user friendly and sustainable application of electrical systems is fundamental to supporting our modern world and are the values that drive the solutions for our clients and their customers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to translate the technical elements of electrical systems into simple language that our clients can easily understand. This allows informed conversations about the opportunities that modern technology brings and consideration of how the inevitable changes in technology might best be catered for.


Our long-term client base is evidence of our ability to think differently, design cost effective solutions, protect clients from undue risk and create greater value. Read more »

Andrew Read

Managed innovation and client advocacy

We have built the company upon a commitment to client advocacy, recognising that electrical services and systems need to be designed for long-term value and ease of use. Read more »

Christchurch Airport Lighting Walkway

Services and solutions

Pedersen Read’s divisions in Christchurch and Dunedin have built up significant expertise designing solutions for industrial, government, civic, and infrastructural projects. Read more »