Greg Kitto, Senior Engineer



















Greg Kitto

Senior Engineer (NZCE)

Greg is an experienced electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience designing and implementing electrical and ancillary systems. Greg takes a leading role in many of the company’s projects and has special interest and expertise in such areas as communications, new technologies, intelligent building systems, energy efficiency, electronic security, and CCTV systems.

Building services projects that Greg has been involved with include facilities for retail, public functions, specialised storage and warehousing, commercial offices, galleries and airport terminals.
Greg has expertise in the assessment of energy efficient design solutions and their successful implementation within the company’s projects.

Greg lives in Christchurch. His interests include supporting his children’s activities, playing golf, church and enjoying time with his extended family.


  • Development of the long term relationships with Foodstuffs (SI) Limited and ANZ National Bank;
  • Undertaking the lead role in the consultation, design and implementation of specialist electrical and ancillary services within the Christchurch Art Gallery;
  • Christchurch International Airport terminal expansion projects, including the upgrade of the existing access control system within the constraints of an operating facility.